Poultry Evaluation

This event focuses on a member’s ability to utilize logical reasoning in relation to production, management, marketing and consumption of poultry products. Members who compete in the Poultry Evaluation CDE evaluate production, processing and merchandising phases of the poultry industry as well as identify various industry components. They are also tested on the application of sound management practices. Participants evaluate live birds, present oral reasons and place a class of ready-to-cook broilers. In the processing and merchandising phase of the event, members select and grade ready-to-cook turkeys, processed products and cartons of eggs. 

2018.State Poultry CDE:

  • Washington State Fairgrounds - Puyallup, Noon, Sept.15
  • Maximum of 2 teams per chapter (4/5 contest)
  • --one alternate will be allowed, no oral reasons--
  • *onsite check-in begins 30 minutes prior to the event start-time*

Registration is due by Sept. 4 at 4pm

2018 State Winning Team: 

2017 State Winning Team: Elma FFA, coached by Emily Wamsley

2016 State Winning Team: Kennewick FFA, coached by Dan White

2017 State Poultry CDE Results

2016 State Poultry CDE Results

2015 State Poultry CDE Results