Tractor Driving

The Tractor Driving CDE provides FFA members the opportunity to demonstrate their skill and precision in operating farm machinery. Participants complete an exam that tests their knowledge of tractor safety and operation, they must navigate their vehicle through an obstacle course with ease, and participate in a team activity that challenges their problem-solving skills.

Updated Tractor Parts list from J. Odenrider (9.27.18) - This is used for the team activity.

2017 State Winning Team = Lynden Christian FFA, coached by Gerrit VanWeerdhuizen

2016 State Winning Team = Moses Lake FFA, coached by Kern, Reilly, Homesley

2015 State Winning Team = Prosser FFA, coached by Travis Devore, Denine Trump, Steve Hayter, Tracy Pearson

2017.WA FFA Tractor Driving CDE Results

2015.WA FFA Tractor Driving CDE Results