Livestock Evaluation

FFA members are challenged to evaluate marketable stock based on current business and industry standards, while developing solid technical and business skills needed to excel in their chosen profession when they participate in the Livestock Evaluation CDE. Participants evaluate classes of breeding and market beef, sheep, swine and goats according to the latest USDA market grades and cutability. They then provide oral reasons for their selections. Team members also collaborate on various group activities. 

2019 State Winning Team: Cashmere FFA (Finch)

2019.WA FFA Livestock Results

2018 State Winning Team: Asotin FFA (Landrus)

2018.WA FFA Livestock Results

2017 State Winning Team: Meridian, coached by Trent VanDyken

2017.WA FFA Livestock Results

2016 State Winning Team: Lynden, coached by John Grubbs

2016.WA FFA Livestock Evaluation CDE Results

2015 State Team: Lynden, coached by John Grubbs