Section D: “State FFA Degree”:  On meeting the following minimum qualifications, the State FFA Degree may be conferred by the state association.

1. Have received the Chapter FFA Degree.
2. Have been an active FFA member for at least two year (24 months) at the time of receiving the State FFA Degree.
3. While in high school, have completed the equivalent of at least two years (360 hours) of systematic school instruction in agricultural education at or above the ninth grade level, which includes a supervised agricultural experience program. If out of high school, must have completed the equivalent of two full years (360 hours) of systematic secondary school instruction in addition to a supervised farming and/or other agriculture experience program.
4. A student after entering agricultural education must have:
   a)   earned and productively invested at least $1,000; or
   b)   worked at least 300 hours in excess of scheduled class time, specific to their SAE project; or
   c)   a combination thereof, in a supervised agriculture experience program.
5. Demonstrate leadership ability by:
   a) Performing ten parliamentary procedure activities.
   b) Giving a six-minute speech on a topic related to agriculture or the FFA.
   c) Serving as an officer and/or committee chairman, or participating member of a chapter committee.
6. Demonstrate competency in an agriculture occupation and have a satisfactory scholastic record as certified by the agriculture education instructor and principal or superintendent.
7. Participate in the planning and completion of chapter program of activities.
8. Participate in five different FFA activities above the chapter level.
9. Complete at least 25 hours of community service in a minimum of two different activities. All community service hours are cumulative, i.e. the 10 community service hours used to obtain the chapter degree can be used toward the state degree. These community service hours are in addition to and cannot be duplicated as paid or unpaid SAE hours.
10. Meet other requirements as established by the state association.

The state advisor shall review the records, and submit recommendations to the governing body of the state association, which body will nominate at a regular state convention the candidates who have been found qualified to receive the honor. The State FFA Degree will be awarded to the candidates upon approval by the delegates.
*Any state association, in the judgment of its delegates, may be more restrictive but may not exceed the amended quota. 


Required components to apply for state degree

  • Completed state degree application (see instructions below)

  • Resume

  • School transcript

If you are interested in applying for a State Star award, see instructions at the bottom of this page.

Instructions for accessing the State Degree application

There are 2 ways to access the state degree:

If you are an AET user:

Using AET, students have completed records and can choose Reports, FFA Awards, and select 'add' to load the Washington FFA State Degree (new).    

On the student side, the focus is records and those entries are summarized into the appropriate areas of the award.  

  • Each section or page is listed on the left side and all comes from records.

  • Each page has a "review" in AET and that will take the student to the records that are listed on the page

  • This follows the exact process for all the new FFA awards, so will help in other awards

The final step in the awards is to print the application, which is a print out that can be reviewed as in the past.  Each page has a "Version number" so if any financial or journal data is updated, print the entire application over. The cover page and manual check sheet have no version number, so those can be replaced with any new printed version.

As a teacher, you can review and assist students from the teacher side of AET, by:

  • Logging in as the teacher

  • Select Reports, and then FFA awards

  • This will show any students with a degree in progress, or as the teacher you can add a

  • degree into any FFA member's account

If a student needs to use partly records, but add other data, the instructions page has an "unlock" the application, and that allows users to just add/edit data on the applications pages.

If you are a non-AET user:

Not using AET, student can go to AgCN, login and choose the bottom menu FFA Application Center.  This will show a list of national level awards.  The student can choose SAE Based Awards menu and that takes you to a list of awards.  Just like the previous process.  This award process is unlocked and all cells are open to be typed into, much like Microsoft Excel.

Please note:

Remember that state degrees must be reviewed at the district level, and a list of pre-approved applications should be sent to State Advisor Dennis Wallace. Any degrees that are not pre-sifted at the district level will not be considered this year.

The other required components that will be added to the application in addition to the printed PDF are the resume and transcript.  These required components are also expected during pre-sifting and final submit to the state office. Additionally, if students are interested in being considered for a district star award, there is an additional cover sheet/responses required (below). No student will be eligible to be selected for state star (of the nine district winners) without a complete application and all required components.

Submitting State Degree Applications

State Degree applications (including the resume and transcript) must be printed and sent to the address below, postmarked by March 1. We will not review any applications not postmarked by the deadline. Send your applications early: if applications are not received prior to traveling to the review session, they will not be considered.

All hard copies must be postmarked by (USPS, not mail-meter) to:

Dennis Wallace
State FFA Advisor/Program Supervisor - Agriculture Sciences Education
Career and Technical Education

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
600 Washington St. SE, PO Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200

ATTN: State Degrees

All hard copies must be postmarked by (USPS, not mail-meter) March 1 to:

Dennis Wallace
State FFA Advisor/Program Supervisor - Agriculture Sciences Education
Career and Technical Education

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
600 Washington St. SE, PO Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200

ATTN: State Degrees

Applying for State Star awards

If you have been selected as a district star and are interested in applying for a Washington star award, you must also complete the appropriate supplemental application: 

Washington Star Farmer

The FFA member with the top production agriculture SAE program each year is recognized as the Washington Star Farmer. Four state finalists vie for the star award. Considered the highest recognition in the state for an aspiring young farmer, the award recognizes achievement in both career and leadership development.


Washington Star in Placement

One member with the best placement SAE program and proven leadership skills is selected to be the State Star in Agricultural Placement. The member’s placement experience can include paid labor hours or directed laboratory unpaid labor hours.


Washington Star in Agribusiness

Each year one member with the best non-production entrepreneurial agribusiness SAE and proven leadership skills is selected to be the Washington FFA Star in Agribusiness. Four state finalists compete for this prestigious award, the highest achievement for a person pursuing a career in agribusiness.


Washington Star in Agriscience

The Washington Star in Agriscience winner will have an SAE program in which the student is actively engaged in agriscience research and experimentation. This includes students who are actively engaged in doing their own research individually, as well as those students who may be cooperating on research projects with others including but not limited to teams in school, experiment stations or colleges/universities. The hypothesis may be formulated by the student or provided to them by a co-researcher. The students must be actively involved in the development of the experimental design, collection of data, interpretation of the data and publicizing the results to be considered as a State Star in Agriscience. Their program could be an entrepreneurship or placement type program. The placement type program does not have to be paid hours, but the member must have met the minimum requirements for the State FFA Degree.

Star Finalist Photos - Due April 1

District stars should submit 10 high-quality digital photos that clearly demonstrate the applicant's SAE. Include at least one clear headshot of the student in official dress. You may reference our current State & District Stars page for examples. Submitted photos will not be returned, and will NOT impact the judging of the student's application. The photos will be used to create a video presentation for the Star finalists in each category, and to recognize the district stars in the convention guidebook. Not all applicants or district stars will have their photos used.

  • Photos should be at least 1280 pixels in width, JPG or TIFF format, and in landscape orientation.

  • Compress all of the photos into one ZIP folder titled with the student's first and last name.

  • Use to upload the ZIP folder and send to by April 1.