Nursery Landscape

This event encourages student proficiency in nursery and landscape development and practices in order to build solid, successful careers. The Nursery Landscape CDE tests participants by having them identify plant specimens according to their technical and common names, select nursery plant material and take a multiple-choice exam. The FFA members also perform hands-on activities that range from landscape estimating to interpersonal relations to nursery operation practices.

From the CDE Coordinator (10/11/16):

There were no changes to the plant lists, LE, test (Dan White @ Kennewick will be maintaining the test bank from now on) or team.  Nursery landscape is now a 4/5 instead of a 3/5.  There ARE 2 new practicums this year that we added to include more skills and knowledge that are incorporated in the team activity at nationals.  Please be patient with our hosts this year as we work out the kinks on these 2 new practicums.  This means for a team of 5 each student will do a DIFFERENT practicum- there will be no doubling up anymore.  We are adding a mechanical assessment and solution (we have had this one before) and a turf assessment and solution.

Thanks, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have as best I can. - Tracy Brown (Snohomish)

2017 State Winning Team: Cedarcrest, coached by S. Thomas

2017 State Nursery Landscape Results

2016 State Nursery Landscape CDE Results

2016 State Winning Team: Sedro-Woolley White, coached by Wayne Ramsey

2015 State Team: Sedro-Woolley, coached by Wayne Ramsey

2016-2017 Schedule & Information  (per T. Brown 7/13/15)

For your planning: we have changed the start time for nursery to 4pm.

Floral Practicums:                                                       Nursery Practicums:

Floral arrangement                                                        verbal customer relations

job interview                                                                   written customer relations

growing practices                                                          potting/propagation

making and packaging a corsage                                mechanical assessment and solution

handling a hazardous situation                                  turf/lawn assessment and solution

 There are some changes coming to both contests and I am working on updating the manuals to reflect those.  please be patient with me.

 happy summer!  Tracy

November 4, 2016            4pm       Nursery Landscape          Hudson's Bay

November 5, 2016            9am       Floriculture                         Battleground

18-Nov-16                          4pm       Nursery Landscape          Snohomish

19-Nov-16                          9am       Floriculture                         Snohomish                                 

February 3, 2017               4pm       Nursery Landscape          Kennewick

February 4, 2017               9am       Floriculture                         Richland

March 10, 2017               4pm       Nursery Landscape          Sedro Woolley

March 11, 2017               9am       Floriculture                         Mount Baker

March 24, 2017               4pm       State Nursery Landscape              Hudson's Bay

March 25, 2017               9am       State Floriculture                             Woodland