Extemporaneous Public Speaking LDE

The students competing in the Extemporaneous Public Speaking LDE are exceptional at organizing their thoughts into a comprehensive and logical presentation, additionally building their confidence, poise and presentation skills. Event participants are given 30 minutes to prepare a speech on a general agricultural topic. The speech must be four to six minutes in length. At the conclusion of the speech, the judges may question the speaker for five minutes. Finalists are selected based on speech delivery, content and responses to the questions. 

2019 State Winning Individual: Lauren Stubbs, LaCrosse FFA, coached by Lisa Baser

2019.WA FFA Extemp Results

2018 State Winning Individual: Alec Klaveano, Pullman FFA, coached by Rob Matthews

2018.WA FFA Extemp Results

2017 State Winning Individual: Baylee Easterday, Chiawana FFA, coached by Caitlin Coulsey & Renee Johnson

2017. WA FFA Extemp Results

2016 State Winning Individual: Mollee Gray, Medical Lake FFA, coached by Jennie Wagner

2016.WA FFA Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE Results

2015 State Winning Individual: Savannah Chadwick, Colton FFA, coached by Nathan Moore