Meats Evaluation and Technology

In the Meats Evaluation and Technology CDE FFA members develop the ability to evaluate meat products to optimize economic returns for producers and industry, as well as meeting customer needs. FFA members take a written exam that tests their knowledge of meat selection, storage, cooking, nutrition and safety. Members will identify cuts of beef, pork or lamb by retail trade name and prime cut identification. Participants become not only better agriculturists but also better consumers. 

2019 State Winning Team: LaCrosse (Baser)

2019.WA FFA Meats Results

2018 State Winning Team: Cashmere (Finch)

2018.WA FFA Meats Results

2017 State Winning Team: LaCrosse, coached by Lisa Baser

2017.WA FFA Meats Results

2016 State Team: Cashmere, coached by Rusty Finch

2016.WA FFA Meats Evaluation and Technology CDE Results

2015 State Team: Cashmere, coached by Rusty Finch

2.12.16 -- Information provided by Dr. Jan Busboom:

2016 State Meats CDE Information -- Washington State FFA Meats CDE @ State Convention, Pullman, May 13-14, 2016

Dr. Jan Busboom, Animal Scientist and Extension Meats Specialist 
Mrs. Abbie DeMeerleer, FFA Executive Director 
Dr. Candis Carraway, WSU Agricultural Education

The 2016 contest will be conducted in a similar fashion to 2015 and will, for the most part, follow the guidelines of the National FFA Meats Career Development Event.  As always the goal is to enhance the educational value of the activity.  These are items to be aware of:   

  1. The CDE test will be based on the New CEV resource used at the National CDE. This year the sections of the material that will be covered are Meat Storage and Handling, Meat Cookery, Processed Meats and Food Safety. Some of the exam questions will be from previous national tests but the new CEV material has not been used long enough as the resource to have three years of national exams on the topics listed above, so some questions will be generated by Dr. Busboom.

  2. The new National Rules allow for 3 to 5 beef carcasses for grading. There will be 5 or 6 at the state CDE.

  3. The new National Rules allow for 4 to 6 placing classes. We will have 6 placing classes. They no longer have lamb carcasses as an option, but lamb wholesale/subprimal or retail cuts are listed as possible classes. Because I (Dr. Busboom) like lambs, and because they are readily available, any of these including lamb carcasses are a possibility at our state CDE.

  4. As in 2015, there will be 30 retail ID cuts.

  5. This year we will again provide team activities. There will be two to three team activities (depending on suitability of available products) each worth 50 points. So, the total value of the team activity will be from 100 to 150 points. Electronic versions of cards that are similar to those that will be used for the three types of team activities are attached. For the beef carcass placing/pricing activity a change to the pricing grid will be based upon current market prices and for the keep/cull, a scenario will be developed based upon the attributes of product available. The muscle and bone ID will use cuts from the retail ID list. We may use cuts that were not used in the contest’s retail ID class.

2016 Meats Information for Advisors

2015 State Team Activity - MuscleBone (for study)

2015 State Team Activity - Pricing (for study)

2015 State Team Activity - KeepCull (for study)

2015 Meats Questions (for study)