Employment Skills LDE

FFA members who participate in the Employment Skills LDE (formerly Job Interview) develop, practice, and demonstrate skills needed in seeking employment in the agriculture industry, while examining career interests and opportunities in their local communities. The event is designed to recognize outstanding FFA members for their ability to prepare and interview for real-world employment opportunities. Part of the preparation includes creating a cover letter, résumé and completing a job application. Participants also show their ability to think on their feet through a networking activity. 

2018 note from NFFA:

From: Meyer, Ben  Date: Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 1:54 PM  Subject: RE: Follow up

I’m hoping I have good news to share related to the concerns you documented on behalf of WAAE related to the resume in the Employment Skills LDE.

Late last month, the Employment Skills LDE met and reviewed the 2017 event. In this process, the took into consideration feedback from a number of sources include the document you sent me.  Based on your feedback, the committee voted to relax the “requirement” that the student resume must be created using the Resume Generator in ffa.org.  Now the rule reads that the student may use the Resume Generator in ffa.org.  They also verified that there is no place in the resume rubric to deduct points for a resume that is not generated in the Resume Generator in ffa.org.  The changes are now live in the handbook at: https://www.ffa.org/SiteCollectionDocuments/cde_jobinterview.pdf

I’m hoping this satisfactorily addresses your concerns as this change should now allow students to create a resume in any template, format, or design as they wish (including more modern formats as your judges in Washington have requested).  All resumes are subject to the same scoring rubric and should not exceed two pages.

Please let me know if you have any questions and please share this change with those who you fielded concerns from as well as your CDE committee within WAAE.

Have a great day, Ben Meyer - Local Program Success Specialist

2017 State Winning Individual: Jordan Hummel, Yelm, coached by Matt Mounts

2017.WA FFA Employment Skills Results

2016.WA FFA Job Interview CDE Results

2016 State Winning Individual: Morgan Rockey (Elma), coached by Kershaw/Wamsley/Renz

2015 State Individual: Cameron Church (Longview), coached by John Gross


NOTES from the Coordinator (4/6/17):

Hello Job Interview/Employment Skills coaches! We have had a few questions so I wanted to make sure everyone knows the same information.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS YEARS:  Please use schools address on Letters of Interest and Resumes and Applications NOT the student’s personal address.  Please place a cover sheet on the resume package with the school name and student name and district name.  Please include a copy of the job announcement that the application, LOI and resume are being submitted for.  The job announcement will NOT be judged.

NEW THIS YEAR – Applications will be judged ahead of time.  Please submit the application with the resume package. Due date of resumes needing to be at OSPI for pre-screen is, April 15th.  Theresa Ellsworth will be coordinating the pre-screen out of the OSPI HR Office.   Electronic packages are required and the email isHROffice@k12.wa.us.

Kristin Collins no longer works at OSPI and will be volunteering to run this CDE.  Kristin is working with Theresa on the pre-screen process.  Kristin Collins and Angie Senter and Theresa Ellsworth will be conducting the contest at WSU this year.  Please bring at least one volunteer to judge in the morning from 8:00 to approximately 1pm.

ALSO NEW THIS YEAR – FFA Resume Generator must be used for ALL resumes.  You may use Microsoft WORD once the student has created the resume in the generator to edit the resume to the two page limit. 

What is due on April 15: Job Description (unscored) Application, Resume, and Cover Letter (all scored)

Address your LOI to: Ms. Theresa Ellsworth, Job Interview CDE Coordinator, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, 600 Washington Street SE, PO Box 47200, Olympia, WA 98504-7200

Email to: HRoffice@k12.wa.us or fax to:  360-664-0567 

Please mail from school return address not personal return address. 

Any questions call: Kristin Collins @ 360-789-4205 Cell Phone or at (360) 455-5402 Home Phone, Email:  RKKACollins@comcast.net