Horse Evaluation

Participation in the Horse Evaluation CDE helps FFA members further develop their interest in equine selection, management and production, while simultaneously advancing teamwork, leadership and communication skills. Members demonstrate their ability to reason and communicate about equine science through a team problem-solving activity and individually evaluating classes composed of performance or halter horses. They then justify their selections through oral reasons.

2019.State Horse CDE

Ellensburg - Kittitas Valley Events Center (Bloom Pavilion), 9 AM, April 24
Maximum of 1 team per chapter (4/6 contest) - NO ALTERNATES.

Registration is due by April 12, no later than 4pm. 

2018 State Winning Team: Prosser FFA (Trump, Devore, Hayter, Zurcher)

2017 State Winning Team: Ellensburg FFA, coached by Steve Russell

2016 State Winning Team: Chelan FFA, coached by Rod Cool

2015 State Winning Team: Tonasket FFA, coached by Matt Deebach

2018.WA FFA Horse Results

2017.State Horse Evaluation Results

2016.State Horse Evaluation CDE Results

2015.State Horse Evaluation CDE Results