Good-Standing Deadlines:

  • September 1 = Roster opens
  • October 16 (noon) = Affiliate Agreement due to Exec. Director (if chapter is changing to affiliate)
  • November 1 = Roster Due (via & submitted for state approval)                                                                                                           AND                                                                                                                                                                                                  POA due to State Advisor @

  • December 1 = Dues received (not PO; postmarked by Post Office, not meter-machine); $100 Fall Late Fee applied if not received by this day (regardless of weekend status)
  • March 1 = Spring supplemental Roster Due (via & submitted for state approval)
  • April 1 = Dues received (not PO; postmarked by Post Office, not meter-machine); $100 Spring Late Fee applied if not received by this day (regardless of weekend status)

  • August 15= membership year roster closes; no additions/changes after this date

FFA Roster & Program of Activities  (both updated & due annually)

Roster Step-by-Steps & How-To's (17-18 roster instructions from NFFA)

Affiliate Chapter Program

Chapter Affiliate General InformationHow/When you pay and what amount                                                                                **if you are considering becoming an affiliate chapter -- DO NOT submit your roster for state approval!! Your affiliate paperwork must be processed first. If you submit before your chapter’s status has been cannot be updated for this membership year and affiliate status would have to wait until 2018-2019.**

Chapter Affiliate Agreement, part 1 (new affiliates only)

Chapter Affiliate Agreement, part 2 (new affiliates only)

Chapter Affiliate Fee Scale (2017-2018)

Program of Activities (POA)

The approved forms include:

  1. The Washington State POA form (yellow button - PREFERRED)
  2. The AET exported POA (for those utilizing the AET program)

Educator Resource Document (from National FFA)

The following information was shared by 2016-17 National FFA Teacher Ambassador Tamara Whitcomb (Mt. Baker FFA) at the 2017 WAAE Summer Conference. It includes valuable information that can support new and experienced advisors in navigating the Naitonal FFA website, roster, curriculum support/lesson plans, etc.  Tamara and 2017-18 National FFA Teacher Ambassador Nathan Moore (Colton FFA) plan to host workshops on this information and more during the 2018 WAAE Summer Conference. 

2017 CDE Seeding

Motion passed by the Board of Directors for 6/29/2017:

For the 2017 Convention Seeding maintain a minimum of three seeds per district with 0-799 with 3 seeds; 800-1199 with 4 seeds; and 1200+ with 5 seeds. This results in 33 seeds with 3 lottery spots available. Additionally, increase to total of 36 spots with 4 flights of 9 for state qualifying events.  *The Board of Directors also recognizes that this discussion will likely be an annual issue.*

Related to Seeding:

Each district will be allotted three representatives to state events for 0-799 members; four representatives for  800-1199, and five representatives for 1200 or more members. Seeds are determined by FFA District membership in each District as of March 15 of the previous year. All districts will determine their qualifying rules for state CDE’s at the district level, and submit their qualifying rules to the state office by December 1st each year. Those rules must not conflict with state CDE rules.


Teaching Resources

Free Teaching Resources Available on --> My Journey

Since school and various FFA activities are back in full swing, check out the updated "My Journey" content on to help with your planning needs! There are many great tips, tools, lesson plans and open resources available for free within My Journey. Need a lesson to help students grow in their abilities to advocate for agriculture or activities to make your students aware of current issues in agriculture, like replacing pesticides with genetics? Then look for these lessons and more on the Explore page. What about a core class integration strategy that can help students summarize their reading in an organized and concise way or a lesson to accompany the FFA Resume Generator? Take a look at these activities on the Build page. Want a lesson that sends your students on a career scavenger hunt or an activity to increase their skills as agriculture advocates? Check out these lessons and more on the Connect page. Did you miss content from past months?  No worries…it’s available on our Archive pages. Log in today to make your planning a little easier and check back next each month for refreshed content.