Veterinary Science

The Veterinary Science CDE has been met with much enthusiasm and excitement from FFA members interested in pursuing a career in veterinary science. Event participants will have their veterinary science knowledge tested in the written exam as well as in the breed, equipment and parasite identification. Members also demonstrate hands-on skills in the clinical and handling/restraining practicums. This event challenges participants to utilize high-level knowledge in math and science.


Hi advisors and coaches --Thanks for your patience while I got a few details worked out before releasing this information to all chapters. Below please find updates on the Current Events essay topic, handling and clinical practicums, and the Team Activity topic for the 2018 state Vet Science CDE:

2018 Current Events (INDIVIDUAL) Essay Topic: Veterinary Student Loan Debt

In past years the current events essay and the team activity topic have been one in the same. However, in keeping with the format of the national contest, these topics will be different this year at state convention in May. Students will write an individual essay on veterinary student debt.

2018 Handling and Clinical Practicums:

  • Administering a subcutaneous injection
  • Removal of sutures
  • Restraint of the cat in lateral recumbency for femoral venipuncture
  • Snare restraint of the pig

2018 Team Activity Topic: Fear Free Feline Medicine

This topic has already been released but I got a good question that I wanted to clarify. Although many of the principles of fear free are integrated into the fear free certificate program students will not be expected to know anything from the certificate program as this is not a feasible investment for all chapters. For studying, I recommend reading online articles, talking to local veterinarians, and studying feline behavior basics. As in the past there will be some resources available to students in the prep room but students should come into the contest with working knowledge of the topic.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!  Megan C.

2018 State Winning Team: Lynden Christian (Gerrit Van Weerdhuizen)

2017 State Winning Team: Ferndale, coached by Tony Toretta

2016 State Winning Team: Ferndale, coached by Tony Toretta

2015 State Team: Ferndale, coached by Tony Toretta

2018.WA FFA Veterinary Science Results

2017.WA FFA Veterinary Science Team Results

2017.WA FFA Veterinary Science Individual Results

2016.Veterinary Science CDE Results

NOTE from the Coordinator (4/5/17):

Hello everyone:
I have had another question that I'm sure may be on all of our minds. Let me call attention to a change from last year. The ENTIRE team participates in the team activity; if you have five members (alternate), then five present. Also- the 15 minutes to prepare, bring whatever resources you would like, but present with yourselves. It's an oral presentation, so no notecards or props are necessary. ;). Also- some have been practicing with a caprine question. I've no idea where this topic came from, but the general topic is the feed directive. And yes, the general topic for the current event is the same. Please email with any questions. I hope this helps!!

NOTE from the Coordinator (3/30/17):

Hello my darling coaches!!! I've gotten a few emails about the current events. ;). Thank you, again, for your patience in our changing world. ;). The current events topic is: veterinary feed directive. The question will be given at the event. As always, we are open for any questions you might have!!

Ok guys! I seem to have caused a bit of confusion. The team activity is the group presentation. The current event is the essay. And yes - the topics are the same. ;). But there will be different ways to show your knowledge on the weekend ;)

NOTE from the Coordinator (3-1-17):

Here we are, coaches!! Thank you for your patience in our process!! If there are questions, please feel free to email. ;)
Clinical & Handling:

  • Administration of an aural medicine
  • Filling a prescription
  • Placing a tail tie
  • Fitting an e-collar.

Have a great day! ~Deanna