Prepared Public Speaking LDE

By participating in the Prepared Public Speaking LDE, FFA members are given the opportunity to exhibit their ability to prepare and present a factual speech on a specific agricultural issue in a well thought out, logical manner. Event participants are required to deliver a prepared speech on one agricultural topic. The speech must be six to eight minutes in length. Judges question the speaker for five minutes after the speech is given. Winners are selected on the written manuscript, speech delivery, content, and response to judges' questions. 

Manuscripts are due electronically by April 1.  They need to be emailed to:

Message from the Coordinator (2/26/19):

Greetings advisors! I am very excited to continue as the coordinator for this year’s state prepared public speaking LDE. I am certainly looking forward to seeing our talented members showcase their skills in Pullman.

I wanted to give a brief rundown of the expectations for this LDE as we move into preparations.

As stated in the Prepared Public Speaking Handbook, all manuscripts are due electronically by April 1, 2019, and are to be emailed to Any late manuscripts will not be judged. In the event that an alternate is selected to compete after the due date, their manuscript will be judged with no penalty is submitted by the alternate deadline provided.

Additionally, manuscripts will not be provided during the presentation judging, as it takes away and distracts the judges from the speaker and his/her presentation.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Pullman this May!

2019 State Winning Individual: Cole Baerlocher, Colfax, coached by Michael Heitstuman

2019.WA FFA Prepared Public Speaking Results

2018 State Winning Individual: Abbie Dorhauer, Yelm (Mounts, Nash, Hull, Lantz, Mensonides, Chisam)

2018.WA FFA Prepared Public Speaking Results

2017 State Winning Individual: Collin Pittman, Rosalia, coached by Dee Petershick

2017.WA FFA Prepared Public Speaking Results

2016 State Winning Individual: Erin Smith (Yelm), coached by Matt Mounts

2016.WA FFA Prepared Public Speaking CDE Results

2015 State Winning Individual: Corrina Davis (Ferndale), coached by Mitch Davis