(email from Abbie, 2/7/17) - Just a reminder that any spring membership additions need to be added to your roster and submitted for state approval by March 1. Any students that would like to compete in spring events or attend convention must be submitted by this deadline.

I will review, approve and invoice for these memberships every Friday morning starting Feb. 10. Expect to receive electronic invoices from WAFFA (Abbie's email), just like this fall. The courtesy invoice on FFA.org is NOT official but can help start your PO process. 

The payment for these memberships must be received by April 1.  If your school district needs a minimum of 30 days to process payment (or are impacted by school board meeting dates), please plan accordingly and submit your spring memberships ASAP! 

Payment for both the spring roster additions and AFFILIATE chapters dues must be postmarked by April 1 (I do check!) or there will be a late fee as outlined by the Board of Directors - this is separate from the fall late fee. Verify that your payments/mail is being sent to: Washington FFA, PO Box 789, Pullman, WA 99163. Mail will not forward from Olympia and there are a few chapters who have had issues with this because their ASB/District office hadn't updated the Association address in their records.

No membership additions will be reviewed/approved again until AFTER state convention.  If you have a student who "might" compete...they need to pay dues and be added now. While memberships can be added after April 1 - they do not count for our national delegate membership total...and again, I will not process them until AFTER state convention.

AFFILIATE Chapters: Your rosters are also due by March 1. Most have already received your invoices. If not, please get a hold of me ASAP.

For 1st year programs, it is critical that you get your spring AgEd students added by March 1 so that I can get your secondary invoice to you. This final student total will be the number used for your fall 17-18 affiliate fee amount. 

*for those chapters considering the affiliate chapter program, you will be able to opt-in for the next membership year during the window of Sept. 1-Oct. 1, 2017.

Klindworth 1st Generation Scholarship -- DUE: April 18, 2016.  

Applications must be submitted electronically to Stewart Padelford at stewartpadelford@gmail.com.

ROSTER!!! Reminders, clarifications, updates

10.14.15 -- A few pieces of information that I hope will help as you are all diligently working on your rosters:

  • In March the Washington FFA Board of Directors amended the membership deadlines to: POA and membership rosters be submitted to FFA.org/state advisor by Nov. 1 and Events & Activities fee and dues payment (PAID, not PO) be received by Dec. 1 and chapters that fail to meet the fall membership deadlines will incur a one-time fall $100 late fee. 
  • Dues payment must be RECEIVED by Dec. 1, 2015 or you will incur the $100 late fee.  If you need 30 days to get your payment processed in your school and meet that deadline, you need to have your roster posted by noon on Oct. 22.  I will be at National Convention from Oct. 24-Nov.1 so my ability to access internet, review/approve rosters and email invoices during that time will be very minimal and you will likely not get your roster processed/invoice in time to meet the payment deadline. I will be reviewing/processing/invoicing ALL afternoon on the 22nd.
  • Your roster and POA must be submitted by Nov. 1 or the late fee applies. It is not just for payment.
  • I have provided a 6-page help document that walks you through submitting your roster with minimal issues/errors.  Please use it or refer to it.  
  • It seems that the FFA.org system slows down significantly the more people that are using it so trying to submit your roster during peak hours may prove a long process.
  • If you notice duplicates please let me know, via email that includes the FFA ID#s, and I will work on getting those merged.
  • There are additional "help" links on the washingtonffa.org/advisors-resources/ page.

If you have questions, please let me know! ~Abbie