10.2.18 — 2018.Evergreen Tour Recap & Report

Thank you to everyone who attended and brought students to Evergreen Tour 2018! This year the tour impacted 1,419 students and 134 teachers over the 1500+ miles put on the 12-passenger van we were rolling in! You can access the FFA report Abbie provided HERE.

9.12.18 — NOW’S YOUR CHANCE…2019 FFA Week National Officer Request

I mentioned it at WAAE Summer Conference...in 2019 WAFFA will have a National Officer visiting for the whole of FFA Week. Want the officer to participate in your chapter's special, unique and impactful event? Fill out this form! Chapters will be notified of selection (or not) no later than December (when more information about the officer's travel is provided). Questions - please email or call!

2.26.18 -- We would like to congratulate the following Wilco Fall Grant recipients: Ellensburg; Touchet; Toutle Lake; Morton.
I will be in contact with you directly for delivery of grant funds. Be sure ou submit a project report by June 1, 2018 in regards to your completed project. This needs to include pictures and have a good explanation of the impact this funding has had or will have on your chapter).

We would also ike to announce the Winter Round of the Wilco Grants which will be due March 23rd, 2018!  Anyone who has not been selected as a grant recipient this year (Fall 2017) is encouraged to re-apply. Please fill out the application on the Wilco Forever Blue Website http://ffaforever.com/ (or if you would prefer to download a PDF copy of the form, you can do so here.) and complete the attached Budget Template which should be emailed irectly o: jesse@washingtonffa.org  

Hints for successful applications: 

  • Include an itemized budget. We need to know what items Wilco could possibly offer at a discounted rate.

  • Please note your nearest Wilco store. Application decisions are not based on distance to a store but it helps to know how far you are.

  • Make an impact statement. What is the long-term impact that this grant has on your chapter?

Thank you all for your hard work!  Jesse Taylor, Executive Director, Washington FFA Foundation, jesse@washingtonffa.org

9.1.17 -- September Executive Director Update --  Please see the PDF below for monthly updates/reminders/deadlines. There are instruction sheets (referenced) posted on the Advisor Resources page of this website.

-->DO NOT start on your roster today!!!! FFA.org may say that it's open but it is a HOT MESS!!! It is crashing, Indy staff are gone for the holiday and I don't want you to get frustrated...so just leave it until next week!

Happy Friday AND the first day of September!  Enjoy the 3-day weekend!