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2016-2017 Washington FFA Theme: "This Moment"

Our time in FFA is full of events or activities that leave a lasting impact on our memories and will stay with us forever. Whether they were major turning points in our lives, or simply small acts that have redirected us towards better paths, they have left a lasting impression in our minds and in our hearts.

The 2016-2017 Washington FFA State Officers share their vision for how we can make the most of our time in FFA and create a brighter future for ourselves in their theme reveal video.

As you experience special moments in FFA throughout the year, share them with us using #WAFFAmoment or use the form below to upload photos and stories about your experiences!

Video Transcript

Alyssa: After four months of mentoring a fellow chapter member on showmanship with her market lamb, we knew that we had done all we could to prepare her for the upcoming show. She was rewarded for our early mornings and long nights as the judge shook her hand. Her triumphant smile became engrained in my mind as the perfect emblem of how hard work pays off.

Tye: Being flooded with excitement and optimism as I was given the opportunity to explore my passion for the beef industry, and discover my desire to be a leader in my community.

Corrina: Watching the greenhand FFA members in my chapter describe how they had grown through FFA and commit themselves to helping others. I was so excited to see them continue on their journey, and honored that I could play a part in their success.

Megan: Zipping up my FFA jacket, and walking into Beasley Coliseum for the first time. Stepping through the doors to see 3,000 blue jackets and realizing that I was about to be a part of something much greater than myself.

Drew: Receiving my brand new FFA jacket in the mail. Putting it on, I never could have imagined how it would feel to have the uncertainty of the previous years of my life melt away.

Luke: Looking down at all the people at state convention seeing how everyone had a passion for agriculture like myself. Their example of striving to improve themselves and others around them drove me to become the person I am today.

These are our memories. The ones that have changed our lives and our perspectives. Our time in FFA is full of events or activities that leave a lasting impact on our memories and will stay with us forever.

Drew: We each have memories that stand out in our lives. Maybe it was something that made us the happiest we have ever been, or maybe it was the worst day of our lives. Either way, those moments made us into the people we are today. Whether they were major turning points in our lives, or simply small acts that have redirected us towards better paths, they have left a lasting impression in our minds and in our hearts.

Megan: No matter which memory stands out in our minds the most, that’s all it'll ever be; a memory. We can’t relive those moments in time, produce an exact replica of them, or come close to recreating them. They’re forever in the past.

Corrina: Living in the past is scary! Whether we’re obsessing over our mess-ups and our failures, or we’re reliving our greatest hits and accomplishments, when we only look back at the past, we can’t grow or change. Change is scary- it means breaking old habits and letting go of the past.

Tye: While the idea of letting go of the past is unnerving, spending the entirety of our thoughts pondering the future can fill our lives with worry and doubt. While it is important to keep our dreams in our head and close to our heart, we cannot sacrifice the gift of the present for the promise of the future.

Alyssa: We are not asking you to let go of your fond memories, or lose sight of your future, because remembering our past is paramount to the creation of our current self, while contemplating the possibilities of the future is a critical step to reaching our goals and fulfilling our dreams.

However, we must shift our focus to the present. There will be times throughout each day that are constantly defining us and impacting our thoughts. Whether those thoughts will be detrimental or inspirational to our outlook on the present moment? That is ours to decide.

Drew: So, savor this moment. Whatever took precedent only holds us back if we let it.

Luke: Don’t miss a beat or let it pass us by.

Alyssa: Don’t be scared. Embrace it fully.

Megan: Hold it close to your heart. For soon, it will be a moment of the past.

Tye: Be aware of our actions in this current moment--they will shape the future.

Corrina: Learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in the present.

Drew: This moment…

Luke: …is powerful!

Alyssa: This moment…

Megan: …is perfect!

Tye: This moment…

Corrina: …is purposeful!

All together: This moment is ours for the taking!

National Leadership Conference for State Officers

For the week of July 8-12, our State Officer team hosted Oregon and Idaho's State Officers in Winthrop, WA. National Trainers Andy Moravec (WI), past National President Ryan Best (NM), and current National President Clay Sapp (FL) facilitated 10 very extensive workshops in order to prepare our state leaders for the year ahead of them. Topics included creating a vision for the Association, developing relationships with our stakeholders, building our officer teams, and how to create and facilitate an effective workshop. With all our State Officers were given, we will be able to use this as a foundation to effectively lead our Association.

State Vice President Kyle Strachila featured in The Bellingham Herald

Congratulations to State VP Kyle Strachila who was recently featured for his post-graduation activities with the Washington FFA Association.  Click below to read the complete article:

Between serving as FFA chapter president, Associated Student Body president, taking honors classes, playing varsity sports and raising pigs, the 18-year-old lifelong Whatcom County resident didn't have much down time.

And Strachila, who graduated from Mount Baker on Wednesday, June 8, likely won't be sleeping much the next year, either. Starting this summer, he will spend a year working as the state vice president of FFA, a national organization that promotes students following their agricultural dreams, whether it's through business, science, art or the actual acts of growing plants and raising produce.

As vice president, Strachila will work on state and national FFA issues, as well as travel to FFA chapters around the state, helping to teach lessons and promote the organization.