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The Future of Agriculture

We believe in the future of agriculture.

We believe in the past achievements of former Washington FFA members and the 85-year foundation they built for us. Our current success is the direct result of the hard work of advisors, agriculturists, and members alike. They believed in the promise of premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education and FFA.

We believe in the ability of agriculturists to provide for the soon-to-be 9 billion people in our world, and in their task to move forward and conquer the challenges of a growing population. We have witnessed the incredible impact that production agriculture makes on the lives of others and are grateful for the men and women that dedicate their lives to our well-being.

We believe that our backgrounds do not define our futures. And that the ability to lead is as diverse as our fellow FFA members. As leaders, we are called to know when to lead, and also when to follow in service. Each of us has a vision for the future, made even more special by the uniqueness among us.

We believe in the rewarding power of service. Giving time, talent, and treasure to those in every level of need. Offering helping hands, kind hearts, and gracious smiles wherever they are wanted. In the importance of giving my all as we give all back, and in the redeeming value of living a selfless life.

We believe that FFA is opportunity; the opportunity to grow, to lead, and to succeed. FFA empowers us to take charge of our own futures, and this corduroy allows us to stand up and stand out, as agriculturists and leaders all the same.

We believe that all of us, from the farmers in the field, to the students in our local classrooms, to the countless individuals working hard in every corner of our great nation are the future of agriculture. Computer technicians, scientists, business men and women, teachers, and FFA members... we need to work together to ensure agriculture’s importance for generations to come.

We all can exert the influence of unity to show that together we are the future of agriculture!