Washington FFA EMERGE Leadership Conferences



Who: 70 early members (9th/10th graders); 70 advanced members (11th/12th graders) = 140 students per conference.   This means 280 students TOTAL have the opportunity to attend in 2019.

What: 2 concurrent leadership conferences that blend FFA knowledge, experience and application with personal growth, life awareness and planning. The conferences are TENTATIVELY scheduled to start at 4pm on Friday and will wrap up programming around 3pm on Saturday.  2019 tentative agenda

Where/When: Ocean Shores, WA Feb. 22-23  OR  Wenatchee, WA March 8-9  (both are Friday-Saturday conferences...registrants MUST stay in the conference facilities). Rooming for Friday night will be handled by WAFFA state staff, not individual chapters. 

Cost: $100/participant  --  there will be a $50 non-refundable deposit immediately following registration submission. The program fee covers: conference materials, facilitation, dinner on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, snacks and the Friday night hotel room. If deposit payment, not PO, is not received by January 10, spots will be released to waitlist students.

Registration: The online registration information will be emailed to WA FFA advisors -- only advisors may submit a chapter registration. An advisor MUST attend with members or the students will not be allowed to register/participate. The link/form is targeted to launch Nov. 5 and once launched, will be open until Dec. 15 or until conferences fill. A waitlist will be created and utilized for dropped spots. 

Other-1: There will be a small block of rooms at each hotel available for Saturday night stays at the reduced conference rate, however, would be the responsibility of the individual chapter to coordinate and pay for that night's stay. DO NOT contact hotels for Saturday night stays until your registration has been confirmed by WAFFA state staff.

Registration: Registration for the 2019 conference will be available starting in November. The online registration information will be emailed to WA FFA advisors -- only advisors may submit a chapter registration. 
Advisors will receive an invoice from Washington FFA once registration is confirmed.

The New Member track is targeted for Greenhand members (9th/10th grade).
The Advanced Member track is targeted for Chapter/State Degree members (11th/12th grade).

Infographic by Studio 5 Design.

Infographic by Studio 5 Design.

Evergreen Leadership Tour

(formerly Blue & Gold or BGLT)

The state officer team travel around our great state and helping kick off the new FFA membership year.  We appreciate the various chapters that are planning to host this year's tour stops!  The 2018 schedule is below (an east-to-west travel schedule):

2018.Evergreen Leadership Tour

Sept 24

     9AM= Colton (D6)  *SOTeam on the road at noon

     6PM= Deer Park (D5)  *SOTeam on the road at 9pm

Sept 25

     9AM= Quincy (D9)  *SOTeam on the road at noon

     6PM= Manson (D7)   *SOTeam on the road at 9pm

Sept 26

     9AM= S-C Fairgrounds (D1)  *SOTeam on the road at 1pm

     6PM= Rochester (D3)  *SOTeam on the road at 9pm

Sept 27

     9AMTBD (D2) --> or attend D3/D8 if they have room, please check with hosts first  *SOTeam on the road at noon

     6PM= Prairie (D8)  *SOTeam on the road at 9pm

Sept 28

     9AM= TBD (D4) *SOTeam on the road at noon


Our tentative event agenda is set to last no more than 3 hours and includes the following items:

  • Welcome and Opening Ceremonies: State Officer Team (15 min)

  • Workshop Rotations: tailored to 9/10th grade and 11/12th grade options (2 x 50+10min= 120 min)

  • District Officer "State of the District" presentation: what are they planning, Little Farmers update, etc. (5 min)

  • Closing Comments: State Officers and State Staff (5 min)

  • Closing Ceremonies: State Officer Team (5 min)

  • OPTIONAL:: CDE/LDE Demo(s) (15-20min) by state teams/individuals that will be competing at National Convention

The agenda will vary based on district location/time constraints.


Held each year in July, DOT is a 3-day planning and training retreat for newly elected District Officers.  An opportunity to learn about each other, the agriculture education profession, as well as gain key career skills from industry professionals, DOT is a unique and uniting leadership opportunity hosted and planned by the state officer team.

DOT 2018 is scheduled for July 30-Aug. 1 in Bellingham/Lynden, WA. 

--> Registration information has been emailed to the Washington FFA Advisors.

The following forms must be completed by all 2018 DOT participants:

2018.DOT Waiver Form

2018.DOT Conduct Form

2018.DOT Photo Opt-Out Form

DOT.2018 Agenda (as of 7.18.18)  -- WAFFA reserves the right to make slight changes to the agenda as needed.

WA FFA Legislative Engagement & Advocacy Days (WAFFA LEAD)

FFA Legislative Engagement & Advocacy Days are 1-3 days in late January or early February. They are typically held concurrently with the Washington State Farm Bureau, as well as the other Washington Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs).  FFA members receive education about the legislative process and key message training on how to respectfully and concisely communicate about FFA to busy legislators.  They then spend time meeting with their legislative representatives and hosting displays in the Capitol Rotunda.