Participants in the Floriculture CDE gain real-world knowledge of all aspects of the industry relevant to production and retail of flowers, plants and foliage. Students must identify plants, make pertinent decisions in solving day-to-day problems that occur in any part of the business and complete an exam that tests their general knowledge. Skill activities, such as flower arranging and corsage design, allow students to showcase their knowledge and talent.

WA FFA Floriculture Operations Manual 2019-20 (from T. Whitcomb 8/29/19)

2019 State Winning Team: Richland, coached by Danielle Jelinick

2019.WA FFA Floriculture Results

2018 State Winning Team: Woodland, coached by Mary Ellen Vetter

2018.WA FFA Floriculture Results

2017. WA FFA Floriculture Results

2016.WA FFA Floriculture CDE Results

2017 State Winning Team: Richland, coached by Danielle Jelinick

2016 State Winning Team: Cedarcrest, coached by Sarah Thomas

2015 State Winning Team: Sedro-Woolley (Wayne Ramsey)

2017-2018 Schedule & Information  (per T. Brown 8/7/17)

Floral Practicums:                                                       Nursery Practicums:

Floral arrangement                                                        verbal customer relations

job interview                                                                   written customer relations

growing practices                                                          potting/propagation

one on one sales*                                                          mechanical assessment and solution

plant disorders*                                                              turf/lawn assessment and solution

 **For your planning: we have changed the start time for nursery to 4pm.  There are some changes coming to both contests and I am working on updating the manuals to reflect those.  please be patient with me.

 happy summer!  Tracy           *(updated per email from T. Whitcomb 10/1/17)