First-Year Member

The First Year Member CDE provides an opportunity for our youngest FFA members to demonstrate their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. Through a comprehensive exam on FFA and the agriculture industry, as well as a group problem-solving challenge, participants in this event learn what it takes to serve as leaders in their chapter and beyond.

2019 State Winning Team: Liberty, coached by Steve Braun

2019.WA FFA First-Year Member Results

2018 State Winning Team: Liberty 1 (Braun)

2018.WA FFA First-Year Member Results

2017 State Winning Team: Moses Lake 1, coached by Kern, Reilly, Homesley

2017.WA FFA First-Year Member Results

2016 State Winning Team: Snohomish, coached by Tracy Brown/Stacy Lischke

2016.WA FFA First-Year Member CDE Results