F.A.R.M. for Kids

The F.A.R.M. for Kids career development event challenges chapters to educate elementary students on the importance of agriculture. Participants must create an informative presentation that is designed to be fun, educational, and grade-level appropriate. 

The F.A.R.M. application can be found on the Convention Application page.

(2019) An electronic version of the application is emailed to applications@washingtonffa.org and 3 copies of the application in hard-copy sent to the coordinator by April 15F.A.R.M. for Kids, PO Box 31, Warden, WA 98857

Registration for this event at state convention will be part of the normal chapter registration process.

Note from the Coordinator (3/23/18):

Owls -- You may have noticed a BIG chunk of time allotted for FARM for Kids in the schedule I sent out. I hedged on the room request to be sure that nothing would "bump" the rooms and to give the coordinator and judges some time-flexibility if needed.

So now an update from Coordinator Wiggins for 2018:

  • The judges/coaches meeting will be at noon.

  • Presentations will start at 1pm.

As a reminder, the rules state: "Chapters presenting must provide an adult to help with scoring (not judging). Chapters without a representative at the coaches meeting or helping score will be disqualified."

2019 State Winner: Enumclaw FFA (Norton, Berryhill, Valentine)

2019.WA FFA FARM for Kids Results

2018 State Winner: Enumclaw FFA (Norton, Berryhill, Valentine)

2018.WA FFA FARM for Kids Results

2017 State Winner: Meridian FFA, coached by Brent Feller & Trent VanDyken

2017.WA FFA FARM for Kids Results

2016 State Winner: Finley FFA, coached by Jennifer Yochum

2016.WA FFA F.A.R.M. for Kids CDE Results