Environmental and Natural Resources

FFA members participating in the Environmental and Natural Resources CDE develop written and oral communication skills through evaluating and presenting global environmental issues. This event includes individual and team activities where participants complete interviews concerning global and national issues, complete writing exercises and locate strategic points using global positioning systems. Members also complete soil tests, evaluate soil profiles, as well as conduct air and water analysis. 

  Cashmere FFA - 2017 NATIONAL ENR Champions

Cashmere FFA - 2017 NATIONAL ENR Champions

2017 State & NATIONAL Winning Team: Cashmere, coached by Rusty Finch*   

2016.WA FFA ENR CDE Results

2016 State Team: Cashmere 1, coached by Rusty Finch

2015 State Team: Stanwood (Chris Carlson)

NOTE from the Coordinator (3.28.16):

Good morning.  I just wanted to send some information as you prepare your teams for the state CDE on Saturday, April 30.  

TEST:  National  years 2012, 13, 14/ 50 questions multiple choice.  GPS:  We will have available the Garmin etrex.  You may bring your own.  Have them set to UTM's.  No cell phones.  SOIL PIT TEXTURING:  We will use the Oklahoma Soil Guide (available on-line).  WASTE MANAGEMENT:  Most likely will use a written scenario, possible pictures.  ENV. ANALYSIS:  Set up much like last year.  Contestants will be expected to fill all phases of the score card.  WATER:  We will use the HACH test kits which could utilize DO kit #146900, Nitrate kit # 146803, pH kit #147008 or Phosphate kit #224800.  ID:  Live materials as much as possible with some pictures.  TEAM ACTIVITY:  Same format as last year-40 minute prep, 10 minute presentation, 5 minutes for questions.