Convention Updates

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Convention T-Shirts

Convention T-shirts were pre-ordered through the convention registration form. There was a limited number of shirts/sizes available for purchase on-site at convention.


NEW! Download a mobile-friendly PDF version of the 2017 convention guidebook (3.5Mb) and plan your convention experience! 

Activities Schedule

The 87th Washington FFA Convention will be full of great opportunities and experiences! We know there's a lot to see and do, so please check out the current activity schedule so you and your chapter can prepare for all the incredible experiences being offered! 

2017 Convention Session Outline Schedule

The full 2017 Convention Activities Schedule can be found here:

2017 CDE/LDE Convention Schedule

The following will show when and where the various Career and Leadership Development Events will be taking place during the 87th Washington FFA Convention.

Convention Service Project

The State Officer team is inspired by both active duty servicemen, military veterans, and our local agriculturalists that make our moments possible. To help us show our appreciation, there will be two letter stations and dropboxes on the concourse of Beasley for members to write notes to both active duty service members/veterans and agriculturalists to thank them for their service. Washington FFA, let's show these people just how thankful and appreciative we really are, join us at Beasley! 


Registration for GUESTS (parents, family, past officers, judges, industry representatives, etc.) - which includes session tickets, required for entry. GUEST registration will open in late March/early April and closes APRIL 15th. After that, registration will only occur onsite at convention in Cougar Lounge (Beasley Coliseum).  

**if you are trying to register for a booth at the Education Expo, please click here.**

Please contact Abbie DeMeerleer with questions.

2017 Convention Rates

Current FFA Members

  • Registration = $50 (required)
  • 1 night (no meals) = $100
  • 2 nights (3 meals) = $125
  • 3 nights (6 meals) = $145
  • 4 nights (9 meals) = $165

Advisors/Chaperones/Bus Drivers

  • Registration = $50 (required)
  • 1 night (no meals) = $105
  • 2 nights (3 meals) = $135
  • 3 nights (6 meals) = $160
  • 4 nights (9 meals) = $185
  • Single Room fee = $75

Other Convention Rates

  • Late chapter registration fee = $50, if after April 15
  • Parking permit = $25
  • GUEST single session ticket (non-members or non-advisor/chaperones) = $5
  • Dance ticket = $2
  • T-shirt = $10