One of the unique things about the National FFA Organization is the myriad of competitions that we offer. Career Development Events (CDEs) and Leadership Development Events (LDEs) cover job skills in everything from communications to mechanics. Some events allow students to compete as individuals, while others allow them to compete in teams.

At a state level we provide the opportunity to participate in upward of 30 CDEs/LDEs to captivate and engage members across the spectrum. So whether you're excited by the scent of pine or you find yourself at home with your nose in the books, there's something here for you. 


Washington FFA CDE/LDE Handbooks = posted on each individual CDE/LDE page.

2019 CDE Seeds.jpg

2019 State Convention Seeding

12/10/18: At the October 2018 WAFFA Board of Directors meeting a motion was passed to utilize a Universal Resume for those events that require such information with limited noted exceptions. Below is the SAMPLE template of the WAFFA Universal Resume. *This will NOT be the resume-template used for Employment Skills LDE or proficiencies per Board approval 10/2018.*

NOTE: For State Convention CDE/LDE events --> As you may have learned following Spring WAAE Executive Committee meeting, chapters that wish to compete in state level CDE’s that take place AT state convention, must field the required number of participants to compete. With the large numbers of students involved in many of the “straight to state” CDEs, logistics, time, and resources have to be considered. If a team is defined in the CDE as a 4 person team, than ONLY chapters with teams of 4 will be able to compete at state convention. This ruling does NOT affect district level competitions, or state level CDEs that take place outside of state convention at this time. The executive committee took into consideration a request to review contests that do not meet the minimum of 16 teams, and allow for a chapter to compete with less than the minimum to help grow the experience and understanding of the contest, and this will be allowable. In summary:

Milk Quality and Products Evaluation: 4/5 contest- must have 4 to compete.

Food Science and Technology: 4/5 contest – must have 4 to compete.

Meats Evaluation: 3/6 contest – must have 3 to compete.

First Year Member: 3-5 members – must have 3 to compete.

Veterinary Science: 4/5 contest – must have 4 to compete.

Farm and Agribusiness Management: Does not exceed minimum number of teams – 4/5 contest- does not require a team of 4 to compete.

Thank you, Rebecca Wallace, Program Supervisor | State FFA Advisor (2017)

2017-2018 Washington FFA CDE/LDE Winners

These individuals/teams will be representing Washington in the 2018 National FFA CDEs/LDEs.

  • Ag Communications: Lynden FFA (Grubbs, Shumway, Brandvold)

  • Ag Issues: Reardan 1 (Perleberg)

  • Ag Sales: Wenatchee 1 (Schneider, Asplund, Kline, Ellwood)

  • Ag Technology and Mechanics: Stanwood (Main, Carlson, Olson, Hougan)

  • Agronomy: Lind-Ritzville (Williams)

  • Creed: W. Scoggin, Pomeroy (Kimble)

  • Conduct of Chapter Meetings: Connell (Shattuck, Thonney)

  • Dairy Cattle Evaluation 2018: TBD

  • Employment Skills: T. Schmitt, Chiawana (Coulsey, Johnson, Carr, Alford)

  • Environmental and Natural Resource: Stanwood 1 (Carlson, Hougan, Main, Olson)

  • Extemporaneous Speaking: A. Klaveano, Pullman (Matthews)

  • Farm & Agribusiness Management: Lynden Christian 2 (Van Weerdhuizen)

  • Floriculture: Woodland (Vetter)

  • Food Science and Technology: Cashmere (Finch)

  • Forestry: Mount Baker (Rightmire, Conlee, Whitcomb)

  • Horse Evaluation: Prosser (Trump, Hayter, Zurcher, Devore)

  • Livestock Evaluation: Asotin (Landrus)

  • Marketing Plan: Yelm (Mounts, Nash, Lantz, Hull, Mensonides, Chisam)

  • Meats Evaluation and Technology: Cashmere (Finch)

  • Milk Quality and Products Evaluation: Cashmere (Finch)

  • Nursery Landscape: Hudson’s Bay (Lorenz, Carpenter)

  • Parliamentary Procedure: Asotin J (Landrus)

  • Poultry Evaluation 2018: TBD

  • Prepared Public Speaking: A. Dorhauer, Yelm (Mounts, Nash, Lantz, Hull, Mensonides, Chisam)

  • Veterinary Science: Lynden Christian (Van Weerdhuizen)

  • Hall of States: Quincy (Cool, Wallace)

  • Soils/Land Evaluation 2017*: Lacrosse *Soils/Land Evaluation is not a National FFA event – this team competes a the National NRCS event.

2016-2017 Washington FFA CDE Winners

  • Ag Communications: Elma (Kershaw, Wamsley, Renz, Kupur)

  • Ag Issues: Pomeroy (Matthews, Kimble)

  • Ag Sales: Yelm Blue (Hull)

  • Ag Technology and Mechanics: Mount Baker (Rightmire)

  • Agronomy: Connell (Shattuck, Thonney)

  • Creed: Ferndale (Toretta)

  • Conduct of Chapter Meetings: Asotin (Landrus)

  • Dairy Cattle Evaluation 2017: Lynden (Grubb/Shumway)

  • Environmental and Natural Resource: Cashmere (Finch)

  • Extemporaneous Speaking: Chiawana (Cousley, Johnson)

  • Farm & Agribusiness Management: Lynden Christian 1 (Van Weerdhuizen)

  • Floriculture: Richland (Jelnick)

  • Food Science and Technology: Cashmere (Finch)

  • Forestry: Colville (Nelson)

  • Horse Evaluation 2017: Ellensburg (Russell)

  • Employment Skills: Yelm (Mounts)

  • Livestock Evaluation: Meridian (VanDyken, Feller)

  • Marketing Plan: Lind-Ritzville (Williams, Mattingly, Palmer)

  • Meats Evaluation and Technology: LaCrosse (Baser)

  • Milk Quality and Products Evaluation: Lynden Christian (Van Weerdhuizen)

  • Nursery Landscape: Cedarcrest (Thomas)

  • Parliamentary Procedure: Prosser (Devore)

  • Poultry Evaluation 2017:

  • Prepared Public Speaking: Rosalia (Petershick)

  • Veterinary Science: Ferndale (Torretta)

  • Hall of States: Rochester (Studeman)

2015-2016 Washington FFA CDE Winners


  • Ag Communications: Mount Baker Rooftop (Tamara Whitcomb)

  • Ag Issues: Reardan (Rick Perleberg)

  • Ag Sales: Stanwood 1 (Darryl Main)

  • Ag Tech and Mech: Lynden Christian (Gerrit Van Weerdhuizen)

  • Agronomy: Lind Ritzville (Andy Williams)

  • Creed: Waitsburg (Nicole Abel)

  • Dairy Cattle Eval: Elma (Tyler Renz)

  • Environmental and Natural Resource: Cashmere 1 (Rusty Finch)

  • Extemporaneous Speaking: Medical Lake (Jennie Wagner)

  • Farm & Agribusiness Management: Lynden Christian 1 (Curt DeHaan)

  • Floriculture: Cedarcrest (Sarah Thomas)

  • Food Science and Technology: Mount Baker (Tamara Whitcomb)

  • Forestry: Mount Baker (Todd Rightmire)

  • Horse Evaluation: Tonasket (Matt Deebach)

  • Job Interview: Elma (Kershaw/Wamsley/Renz)

  • Livestock Evaluation: Lynden (John Grubbs)

  • Marketing Plan: Lind-Ritzville Maizena (Andy Williams)

  • Meats Eval and Tech: Cashmere (Rusty Finch)

  • Milk Quality: Cashmere (Rusty Finch)

  • Nursery/Landscape: Sedro Woolley White (Wayne Ramsey)

  • Parliamentary Procedure: Tonasket SH (Matt Deebach)

  • Poultry: Elma A (Emily Wamsley)

  • Prepared Public Speaking: Yelm (Matt Mounts)

  • Veterinary Science: Ferndale (Tony Toretta)

  • Hall of States: LaCrosse (Lisa Baser)

  • Talent: Micheala Walker (Decatur FFA) *NATIONAL FFA TALENT WINNER*