Many convention applications will be available as a downloadable PDF form.  You will need Acrobat Reader in order to complete the PDF forms.

Please ensure you use ONLY the current applications. Only applications that have the year "2019" in the footer will be accepted.

Be sure to note the date the application must be RECEIVED by, late applications will NOT be accepted.

NEW FOR 2019: PDF files are the ONLY file type we will accept for submitting documents. Please see below for instructions on how to create PDF files.

How to complete PDF applications

Please follow the instructions below to open and complete the PDF applications.  

  • Click on the application download link to save the desired application to your hard drive. You may need to right-click and select, "Save As..."

  • Double-click the downloaded file to open in Acrobat Reader.

  • Acrobat will notify you that you have opened a PDF Form by displaying a purple ribbon at the top of the screen.

  • Click "Highlight Fields" in the upper right corner to have the form fields highlighted. Please note that most form fields are required.

  • Read the form carefully, complete the form and save a copy to your hard drive.

  • Submit via email to the address listed on the specific form and be sure to use the correct "Subject" title.

  • To clear all form fields, select "Clear Form" from the Forms menu at the top of the screen.

How to create a PDF file

Some applications require you to submit additional documents such as a resume or essay. Choose one of these options to create a PDF file.

Create a PDF from a word processing document

Click the links below to learn how to create a PDF from:

Print and scan your document(s) into PDF format

  • Ask a teacher to help you use a scanner at school

  • Use an app such as CamScanner or Dropbox to scan and convert your printed document to PDF.

NOTE: The State Degree, Proficiency Award, and National Chapter applications require a printed hard copy of the application to be submitted by postal mail.

State Degree, Proficiency Award, and National Chapter applications must be printed and sent to the address below, RECEIVED by the deadline listed below. We will not review any applications not postmarked by the deadline. Send your applications early: if applications are not received prior to traveling to the review session, they will not be considered.

All hard copies must be postmarked by (USPS, not mail-meter) to:

Dennis Wallace
State FFA Advisor/Program Supervisor - Agriculture Sciences Education
Career and Technical Education

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
600 Washington St. SE, PO Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200

ATTN: State Degrees -or- Proficiency Applications -or- National Chapter Application
(Choose the correct designation for your application)

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  • Conduct Agreement

  • Medical Consent

  • Photo Opt-out

  • American FFA Degree

  • Honorary State FFA Degree

  • State FFA Degree

  • 100% Membership

  • Chapter Scrapbook

  • Citizenship

  • F.A.R.M. for Kids

  • Delegate Issues

  • Hall of Chapters

  • National Chapter

  • Proficiency Awards

  • Talent Competition

  • National Convention Delegate

  • National Officer Candidate

  • National Officer Candidate Nominating Committee

  • State Officer Candidate

  • State Officer Candidate Nominating Committee


Required Documentation

Convention Conduct Agreement 2018

Complete this form for all students attending the Washington FFA Convention. The original of this form must be provided to the Association at registration check-in.


Convention Medical Consent 2018

Complete this form for all students in attendance at the Washington FFA Convention. The original of this form must be provided to the Association at registration check-in.


Convention Photo Opt-Out 2018

Any students attending the Washington FFA Convention who wish to opt-out of photos must complete and submit this form no later than noon on May 10.

Degree Applications

American FFA Degree

Information on applying for the American FFA Degree can be found on the National FFA website. Due April 1.

American Degree applications must be printed, submitted and received at the OSPI office by April 1.

The application must be completed online (as that is where National FFA reviews). Please ensure that the American Degree application includes the correct version number, chapter ID, Chapter Name, Student Name, and FFA Membership, as those items we declare online for all candidates. At State Convention, we will announce American Degree candidates, however until National FFA reviews and confers the degree, students are candidates only. If there are missing or incomplete items, National FFA may ask for fixes or further information, or may reject the application. Once we declare, I will certify and sign and send the signature page back to National FFA prior to the deadline of June 15.

Please review the American FFA Degree Requirements, and ensure your students are eligible. Thanks. Becky

American FFA Degree Requirements

The requirements to earn the American FFA Degree are set forth in the National FFA Constitution Article VI. Degrees and Privileges of Active Membership, Section F.

ELIGIBILITY -- To be eligible to receive the American FFA Degree from the National FFA Organization, members must meet the following minimum qualifications:

1. Have received the State FFA Degree, have been an active member for the past three years (36 months) and have a record of satisfactory participation in the activities on the chapter and state level. (Checked by continuous membership record)

2. Have satisfactorily completed the equivalent of at least three years (540 hours) of systematic secondary school instruction in an agricultural education program, or have completed at least the equivalent of 360 hours of systematic secondary school instruction in agricultural education and one full year of enrollment in a postsecondary agricultural program, or have completed the program of agricultural education offered in the secondary school last attended. (Checked by transcript)

3. Have graduated from high school at least 12 months prior to the national convention at which the degree is to be granted. (Checked by transcript)

4. Have in operation and have maintained records to substantiate an outstanding supervised agricultural experience program, through which the member has exhibited comprehensive planning and managerial and financial expertise. (Checked by project records)

5. A student after entering agricultural education must have:

a. Earn at least $10,000 and productively invested $7,500 or

b. Earned and productively invested $2,000 and worked 2,250 hours in excess of scheduled class time. Any combination of hours, times a factor of 3.56, plus actual dollars earned and productively invested must be equal to or greater than the number 10,000. Hours used for the purpose of producing earnings reported as productively invested income shall not be duplicated as hours of credit to meet the minimum requirements for the degree.  (Checked by project records)

6. Have a record of outstanding leadership abilities and community involvement and have achieved a high school scholastic record of “C” or better as certified by the principal or superintendent. (Checked by transcript, resume, and leadership page)

7. Have participated in at least 50 hours of community service within at least three different community service activities. These hours are in addition to and cannot be duplicated as paid or unpaid supervised agricultural experience hours. (Checked on Community Service Page within App)

APPLICATION PROCESS -- Applicants must submit an application electronically through Applicants must also submit the signature page with the signatures of the chapter president, chapter advisor, superintendent or principal, and state advisor or state executive secretary, certifying accuracy of all statements in the application and that the applicant conducted him/herself in a manner to be a credit to the organization, chapter and community.


Honorary State FFA Degree

Submit this application to nominate a community member to receive the Honorary State FFA Degree. Due March 1.


State FFA Degree

Click to view more information on applying for the State FFA Degree, and for District/State Star applicants. 

This application must be printed in its entirety and must be RECEIVED by March 1. We will not review any applications not received by the deadline.

Convention Awards & Activities

100% Membership Award

Submit your chapter for 100% Membership recognition with this application. Affiliate Chapters who wish to be considered must complete an application form. Due April 1.


Chapter Scrapbook

This document contains instructions for submitting a chapter scrapbook. Due no later than 9am Thursday of convention.


Citizenship Award

Submit your essay to be considered for the Citizenship Award with this application. Due April 1.


F.A.R.M. for Kids

This application is for chapters participating in the F.A.R.M. for Kids program. Due April 15.  An electronic version of the application is emailed and 3 copies of the application in hard-copy sent to the coordinator by April 15: F.A.R.M. for Kids c/o Randy Wiggins, PO Box 31, Warden, WA 98857


Delegate Issues Submission

Use this form to submit issues for the state convention delegates to consider. Due March 1.


Hall of Chapters

Information and application for the Washington FFA Hall of Chapters program. Due April 1.


National Chapter

Click to download the National Chapter application from the National FFA website. 

This application must be printed in its entirety and must be RECEIVED by April 1. We will not review any applications not postmarked by the deadline.

WA FFA Presentation Information


Proficiency Awards

Information on applying for Proficiency Awards can be found on the National FFA's website.

This application must be printed in its entirety and must be RECEIVED by March 1. We will not review any applications not received by the deadline.


Use this form to apply to participate in the Washington FFA Talent Competition during convention. Due April 1.


Officer Candidates

Complete this form if you wish to be considered for any open National Convention Delegate seats. Due April 1.


National Officer Candidate

This application is for individuals who wish to apply to be Washington's National Officer Candidate. Due March 1.
2018 Candidate = graduation cutoff for eligibility is 2016 (if you graduated before this year, you are not eligible for the candidacy)


National Officer Candidate Nominating Committee

This application is for individuals who wish to serve on the national officer candidate nominating committee. Due February 15.


State Officer Candidate

This is the information and application required to run for a state FFA officer position. 

Included in the download:


This application is for individuals who wish to serve on the state officer candidate nominating committee. Due April 1.