Through the creation of a management plan related to crop and soil sciences, FFA members can enhance their problem solving capabilities, communication skills and teamwork. Agronomy CDE participants compete in all facets of the agronomic industry, from crop and weed identification to integrated pest management. Skills in soil identification and analysis as well as the ability to make sound managerial decisions are put to the test. Students are challenged to work individually and with their team during this event. 

State Winning Team 2019: Moses Lake, coached by T. Kern, D. Reilly, J. Homesley

2019.WAFFA Agronomy Results

2018.WAFFA Agronomy Results

2017.WA FFA Agronomy Results

2016.WA FFA Agronomy Results

2018: Lind-Ritzville, coached by Andy Williams

2017: Connell 1, coached by Shattuck/Thonney

2016: Lind-Ritzville, coached by Andy Williams

2015: Lind-Ritzville, coached by Andy Williams