Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems

The Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE balances the problem-solving abilities of each team with individual knowledge and skill performance in systematic areas. The participants take a written test and demonstrate their skills through hands-on activities in the following system areas: machinery and equipment systems, electrical systems, energy systems, environmental and natural resources systems and structural systems. 

State Winning Team 2019: Meridian, coached by Brent Feller

2019.WA FFA Ag Mech Results

2018: Stanwood, coached by Main, Carlson, Olson, Hougan

2018.WA FFA Ag Mech Results

2017: Mount Baker, coached by Todd Rightmire

2017.WA FFA Ag Mech CDE Results

2016: Lynden Christian, coached by Gerrit Van Weerdhuizen

2016.WA FFA Ag Mech CDE Results

2015: Garfield Palouse, coached by Mike Patrick

Email from Event Coordintor (3/11/19):

We will start registration at 8:00 am and run it until 8:45.  Please try to make that window for registration, so that we can start the contest on time.  If you are late, your team will be sent to their first rotation, but will not get extra time to complete it.

The machinery this year will be a forklift - 2018 Hyster S50FT

We've had a meeting with the staff at Perry Tech and they are agaiexcitedng to have us come over to see and use their facility. They have asked me to pass along a few thing about the contest that would help things run a little smoother this year. 

  • Please have your students bring their own wire brushes and chipping hammers. They have a limited supply on hand.  

  • Please instruct your students to move quickly in their groups when they move between rotations because the instructors want to be able to give the teams instructions and still have enough time for them to complete the skill. Last year they felt the teams were getting rushed because they didn't get to the skill on time. We have plenty of time between rotations to make it to your next rotation on time.

Every group will have a break sometime during the contest.

Lunch will be provided after the contest and will be sponsored by Perry Tech.  Please make sure you have your students thank them for their generosity  And, don't forget the $1000.00 tuition scholarship for any graduating senior that signs up for their Agriculture Machinery or Precision Manufacturing Programs in June.

Areas of the event:

  • Test

  • Team Problem

  • Electrical Wiring

  • Machinery - forklift - 2018 Hyster S50FT

  • Small Gas Engines

  • Construction

  • Welding