Agricultural Sales

Through the Agricultural Sales event, students are able to prepare for career opportunities by participating in a wide range of sales activities that develop their interpersonal skills. Participants collaborate as a team to develop a pre-call plan for a variety of different customer types. Individual team members then utilize their skills in information gathering to sell a pre-selected product to one of the customer types. Members also have their knowledge of sales principles tested in the written exam. 

State Winning Team 2017: Yelm Blue, coached by Hillary Hull

2017.WA FFA Ag Sales Results

2016.WA FFA Ag Sales CDE Results

State Winning Team 2016: Stanwood, coached by Darryl Main

Email from Event Coordinators (3/7/17):

Below is a valuable resource from Vernon Hawks at DeLaval. He was getting a lot of questions so he put together a basic info sheet to answer some of the main questions he has been getting. Vernon also has commented that he has gotten requests to do farm visits and provides a short list of items concerning visits as well.

Farm Visits: 

1.      There is no installations of VMS on the east side but have many producers looking at them currently.  They are all on the west side currently.

2.      We do have rotary installs on east and west side both

3.      We have TSR’s installed on 1 farm on the west side and two currently being installed on the east side

4.      There are many farms on both sides of the states with other herd management tools for dairies but may not have the above solutions currently

5.      All farms require advance notice for visits and requires scheduling with the farms and even us

We (sales team) are greatly appreciative of all DeLaval and their team is doing to help WA FFA Sales students to be successful. Also consider Brandon of our team a good resource as well as he's been the main contact with DeLaval.

Thank you, Sales coordinating team


Email from Event Coordinators (1/12/17):

Good afternoon!
Delaval management wanted us to pass along brochures for you to obtain more information!  Delaval is excited to be working with us and looking forward to working with you!

Body Condition Scoring

DelPro Farm Management

Integrated Robotic

Teat Spray Robot

Check it out!
Sales team,  Scott, Kristen, Landon and Brandon

Email for Event Coordinators (1/2/17):

Sales product line for the 2017 Sales CDE: DeLaval Robotic Milking Solutions

The focus will be on robotic/automated milking solution products DeLaval offers. This includes chiefly their VMS (Voluntary Milking System) robotic stall product and their automated rotary milking parlor products.

Please visit the DeLaval website for information regarding their robotic milking product lines:

Increased automation and robotic technology is revolutionizing the dairy industry across the state and poses an interesting sales opportunity for students. These continued advances in technology provide a wide variety of benefits to the industry as well as pose interesting challenges by way of drastic changes in management, lifestyles, and need for technological know-how. These products offer customers unique features but the changes that come with them will also certainly bring about customer concerns and objections. Students are asked to become familiar with the automated and robotic milking products that DeLaval offers in order to be able to present the product that best fits a potential customers’ operation.  Customer scenarios will be put together for the contest that will outline customers from varying milking herd sizes and varying operational goals. Students should also become familiar with other related products and services DeLaval offers for suggestive selling ideas.

DeLaval works across Washington State with two main offices in Sunnyside and Everson. Both offices have been contacted in regards to the DeLaval products being utilized for this contest and are aware that student groups may be reaching out for more information. 

Sunnyside Office                                                             Everson Office

Vernon Hawks- 509-837-7254                                        Rick Vanderveen- 360-966-5550                                  

With regard to contest:

Students are allowed to bring a one inch binder to the event containing product information.  This will be the only material. Real world scenarios will be utilized for the team activity scenarios. 

Success in sales is easy if you remember these tips (taken from nationals):

·         Customers buy from people they know

·         The customer is the only person who knows what they want and need

·         The only way to find what they want and need is to listen and ask questions.

·         Apply the product information to fit your features and benefits to their needs and wants

·         Listen to your customer’s objections and discuss them

·         Close the sale!

Sales Test:

Students will be given a 25 question multiple choice test that covers National tests from 2013, 2014, and 2015.  However there will be at least 5 NEW questions derived from the following sources (as per the conversation at Ag Teacher conference giving us a bit of leeway on the test).  However based on sources from nationals, they are hard to find so we are recommending the following sources for ease of convenience and availability:

We are a team of four coordinators to put on this contest and will share emails and information.  The lead is Scott Weisse but the day of the contest he’ll not be present and Brandon and Landon will be the go to guys that day.  Kristen is the “advisor” of this team.  Any questions?  Please feel free to call or email!  Good luck and skill!

Scott Weisse, State Contest Coordinator  360-631-7104

Brandon Nickels  425-231-7699                                             

Landon Macy      360-763-2363

Kristen Hinton-Vanvalkenburg, Sales “advisor”   360-770-3383