Agricultural Sales

Through the Agricultural Sales event, students are able to prepare for career opportunities by participating in a wide range of sales activities that develop their interpersonal skills. Participants collaborate as a team to develop a pre-call plan for a variety of different customer types. Individual team members then utilize their skills in information gathering to sell a pre-selected product to one of the customer types. Members also have their knowledge of sales principles tested in the written exam. 

State Winning Team 2018: Wenatchee 1 (Schneider, Asplund, Kline, Ellwood)

2018.WA FFA Ag Sales Results

2017: Yelm Blue, coached by Hillary Hull

2017.WA FFA Ag Sales Results

2016.WA FFA Ag Sales CDE Results

State Winning Team 2016: Stanwood, coached by Darryl Main

UPDATE from Event Coordinators (3/7/18):

Advisors,  We have gotten several questions regarding the initial scope of the sales product for this year- described as cattle handling products offered by Powder River. We would like to further clarify that the focus will be on head gates, squeeze chutes, and tubs and alley products. The various panels and gates offered by Powder River are a relatively easy addition/extension of these products as well. It is good to have an understanding of other products to address customer needs but cattle feeding and watering products, the calf tables, cattle guards, or scales and weighing products will not be a focus, though these are great suggestive selling opportunities.  For further clarity- horse and rodeo products included in the catalog are not part of the contest.

The focus will be on selling points of a manual chute vs. a hydraulic chute vs. a head gate along with the various set-up options for tubs and alley products. A lot of these are similar products with simply different ways of setting them up.

Please also refer to the handbook for guidelines regarding the test. The test will be a similar format as last year, with 25 total questions. 20 questions will be from the 2014, 2015, and 2016 National Sales Tests and the remaining 5 questions will come from the resources outlined in the handbook. Please let us know if there are any questions.  

Scott Weisse 509.385.6704 

UPDATE from Event Coordinators (2/1/18):

For simplicity and ease to have a consistent pricing with this year’s Ag Sales contest we will use as a reference to keep pricing reasonable across all teams. has a very detailed listing of this year’s Powder River products.  If you have question please email Scott Weisse. 

Email for Event Coordinators (12/5/17):

Sales product line for the 2018 Sales CDE: Powder River Livestock Handling Equipment

For this year’s sales competition we will be selling Powder River Livestock Handling Equipment. Powder River is a predominant player in the livestock industry and offers a high quality and widely accessible product line for students to familiarize their selves with. They have a has a great website to help teams better understand the product and possible scenarios.

Students are more than welcome to look at other products offered by Powder River for suggestive selling opportunities. 2018 Sales contest will focus around products by Powder River that would be used in the cattle industry.

Success in sales is easy if you remember these tips (taken from nationals):

· Customers buy from people they know

· The customer is the only person who knows what they want and need

· The only way to find what they want and need is to listen and ask questions.

· Apply the product information to fit your features and benefits to their needs and wants

· Listen to your customer’s objections and discuss them

· Close the sale!

Also a one-inch binder will once again be allowed for students to reference.

Any questions? Please feel free to email!

Scott Weisse, State Contest Coordinator  360-631-7104

Brandon Nickels  425-231-7699                                             

Landon Macy      360-763-2363