From social media to blogs, and newspapers to press releases, this next group of students excels in the exchange of ideas and information. In the Agricultural Communications CDE, participants attend a press conference; utilize information gathered in a team activity and complete individual practicums in design, electronic media and writing. Students are also tested on editing and other communications skills. 

State Winning Team 2018: Lynden, (Grubbs, Shumway, Branvold)

2018 WA FFA Ag Comm Results

2017: Elma, coached by Kershaw, Wamsley, Renz, Kupur

2017 WA FFA Ag Comm Results

2016: Mount Baker (Rooftop), coached by Tamara Whitcomb

2016 WA FFA Agricultural Communication CDE Results

2015: Elma, coached by Christi Kershaw

Note from CDE Coordinator J. Falk (1/22/18):  

Hello Washington Ag Teachers!

Please keep reading to discover more information about the Agricultural Communications CDE.

This year’s scenario is attached and is aligned with the National FFA guidelines.

The rules can be found by following the link, below.

An electronic copy of the media plan in PDF format (no larger than 20 megabytes) must be submitted to me ( by April. 15, at 5 p.m. A penalty of 10 percent of available media plan points will be assessed for any late submissions. If the document is not received seven days after the deadline, the team may be subject to disqualification.

The practicums will consist of four individual events. Each team must assign a member to one of the following areas prior to arriving at the WA event:

Please let me know how I can help! -- JFalk

Dr. Jeremy Falk, Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Extension Education, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Idaho - 875 Perimeter Drive, MS 2040, Moscow, ID 83844-2040     Phone: 208-885-6358

Note from CDE Coordinator J. Falk (5/1/17):  

WA FFA Agricultural Communications Coaches: Thanks for submitting your proposals. We have a total of nine teams in this year’s event. Please see the attached schedule for the slated presentation times. If there are conflicts, I’ll try my best to work with you to re-arrange times. As you prepare your teams, here are some ideas from me:

Editing Tips -- I’ve attached a 3-page document that will help your students prepare for the editing exercise. You’re welcome to use it as a teaching tool. The editing exercise will not be limited to what’s on this tips sheet, but I think it’ll help focus students on common words that help us in agricultural communications as an industry. As a suggestion for coaches, I encourage you have students create sentences with errors for their classmates/teammates, and rotate the roles each time. Works as a great bell-ringer activity in class for all students, or as a starter for practice. Students will learn a lot by creating sentences with errors. They can find sentences in the Capital Press and create errors, or start from scratch to make it personalized to your chapter.

Practicums -- The Press Release writer should be able to write a good lead and use the inverted pyramid. Have your student watch YouTube videos on these topics for press releases. With college students, it’s been effective to give them a lead from a feature story or a press release – then make them tell me which it is and why.  The press release should NEVER start with, “Today was a press conference and John Doe talked to us about corn.” The blog writer will find a lot of great resources on YouTube as well. I’ve also found some good guidelines on Pinterest on how to write effective blog posts to share with my students. Adobe has many tutorials for the website designer and the video editor. is a great site that can provide instruction for your students. Don’t forget to involve teachers in your school or community members to provide feedback to your students.

Editing Exercises and Communications Quizzes -- You can access past national examples on the website.

1. Log in  2. In your dashboard (click the yellow dropdown arrow in the blue margin at the top of the page), click on My Toolbox – Instructor  3. In My Toolbox, find the Resources section, and click on CDE Resources  4. Click the year from which you’d like to get examples and select Agricultural Communications!  I tried to follow the same steps with a “student” role, but the CDE Resources aren’t available.

I appreciate the time that you’ve dedicated for agricultural communications with your students. This CDE is certainly one of my favorites; partly due to the content – but mostly because of the people.  Do great things, JFalk

Dr. Jeremy Falk, Assistant Professor  208-885-6358