From social media to blogs, and newspapers to press releases, this next group of students excels in the exchange of ideas and information. In the Agricultural Communications CDE, participants attend a press conference; utilize information gathered in a team activity and complete individual practicums in design, electronic media and writing. Students are also tested on editing and other communications skills. 

NOTE from the Coordinator (1/7/19):

Hello Washington Ag Teachers! Please keep reading to discover more information about the Agricultural Communications CDE. This year’s scenario is available below and is aligned with the National FFA guidelines.

An electronic copy of the media plan in PDF format (no larger than 20 megabytes) must be submitted to me ( by April 15, at 5 p.m. A penalty of 10 percent of available media plan points will be assessed for any late submissions. If the document is not received seven days after the deadline, the team may be subject to disqualification.

The practicums will consist of four individual events. Each team must assign a member to one of the following areas prior to arriving at the WA event:

  • Web design – use

  • Video production – use Adobe Premiere Pro to create a 60-90 second video that supports the stance of the press conference

  • Journalistic writing – write a Feature Story using Microsoft Word (2019), likely 500-1000 words

  • Opinion writing – write a Letter to the Editor (2019), 300-500 words

Finally, a few tips from me:

  1. For the proposal, your students can go one of two ways - either find a cool chapter and promote that chapter for what it does; or pick a mission and find a chapter that exemplifies it. An example is that if you want to advocate for alumni supporters to re-engage in a local chapter, then find a chapter that does this well and tell its story across social media. Make videos and tweets; make insta-posts and a dunk-tank at the fair. Be creative and make it fun. The team will help itself if it picks a topic that is transferable to other chapters and is substantive for improving agriculture and lives.

  2. For the practicums - spend a lot of time here! Have your students search YouTube for their practicum area for a tutorial on how to do it. Assign the students a press conference to watch, then perform their practicum. Grade using the rubrics for this event. I'll see if I can post old press conferences to a site and send that link in February.

  3. Old tests and quizzes are up on the National FFA site for Ag Comm. These are a good start. I recommend having your students create new quizzes to demonstrate their knowledge of the content and then quiz the team/class. They make fun interest approaches or activities in class! 

Please let me know how I can help, and thanks for all that you do to support these awesome students. — JFalk

Dr. Jeremy Falk, Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Extension Education, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Idaho, 875 Perimeter Drive, MS 2040, Moscow, ID 83844-2040, Phone: 208-885-6358

State Winning Team 2019: Lind-Ritzville, coached by Williams, Klindworth, Palmer

2019 WA FFA Ag Comm Results

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2018 WA FFA Ag Comm Results

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2017 WA FFA Ag Comm Results

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2016 WA FFA Agricultural Communication CDE Results

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